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So I took part in the 2012 Perl QA hackathon, where I somehow managed not to pester anyone too much (I think), and achieved the following:
- Got a round tuit (click for picture).
- Edited Devel::Cover PODs for consistency and readability, sent patch to author.
- Wrote filk inspired by the above (see under cut)
- Ate way too much (hush, Wendy!)
- Got close to centerstage in the mandatory group pic.

As some day it will happen that POD mistakes will be found
I got a round tuit -- I got a round tuit,
Tackling the obscure sentences where subtle errors abound,
So they would at last be fixed -- they would at last be fixed.
Like missing critical words that turn text into nonsense,
Or through lack of clarity leave your reader feeling dense,
Or some hierarchy spelled out, some undocumented,
Or inconsistent synopses leaving POD texts fragmented,
Or grocers' apostrophe's like so many lonesome sticks,
They long should have been fixed -- they long should have been fixed!

He's got a round tuit -- he's got a round tuit,
And they'll all of them get fixed - they'll all of them get fixed!

TTTO "I've got a little list" from The Mikado.


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